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Do not get trapped Hewitt Systems can help.
The Blue Screen of Death, Hewitt Systems can fix that.
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Do not get trapped, we can help.
Hewitt Systems
New Technology with Old Fashioned Values
The Blue Screen of Death, we can fix that.
We repair all manufactures, PC's, Laptops & Netbooks
Most customers we have fall into two categories; ones who at the first sign of trouble call us. The second, they try to fix it or wait for it to fix itself. If you call right away in some cases we can fix it over the phone. Let me give you an example.

This situation has happened twice this year. I received a call that their laptop would not start. After talking through a simple process the laptop was up and running. We do not charge for simple things like this. If they would have taken it to a big box store they charge just to hand it over the counter to check it out.

Viruses are notorious for bringing more viruses in as time goes by. So every time you turn on your system either more get loaded or the more it bugs up your system more. I have heard, "I ran a virus scan and it did not detect anything" many times. In most cases the nasty software blocks you for getting any new updates that could have stopped it in the first place had the software be updated regularly. Just because it is supposed to do it automatically does not mean it is up to date.

The moral is, call at the first sign of problems. We can help.

In today's economy it is better to make a cost effective repair than to buy new. If your computer has been working fine but has run down a bit, or not at all, we can fix it for a reasonable price. Which gives you time to save for a new bright and shiny system, which we sell too!
Free quotes up front so you can make a decision with your mind not your pocket book.
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